Our girls lead busy and interesting lives and pursue a wide range of activities and interests both within the classroom and through Ascham’s extensive co-curricular program.

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History of the Ascham crest The birth and evolution of our Ascham crest is intriguing. Here, our Archivist Ms Marguerite Gillezeau, explains how the wings, dolphins and acorns came to symbolise our School over a century ago. Before it was... Read More 29th May, 2020. Category: Community
Pen pals light up seniors' day Ascham has a long history of giving, supporting and connecting with the community. Why do we do this? Because it’s in our ethos as a School community. It is not new and it’s a natural... Read More 25th May, 2020. Category: Co-Curricular
Happy to be back at School After several weeks of remote learning, our classrooms and playgrounds have filled with the energy and laughter of Ascham girls from Prep to Year 12 once again. We are so enjoying having our students back... Read More 20th May, 2020. Category: Boarding
A nod for our Mr Charlton Mr Richard Charlton, Ascham's Composer-in-Residence and Coordinator of Guitar Studies, was recently named one of 'Nine Outstanding Australian Composers' in the online music magazine Interlude. Richard has been teaching at Ascham for 38 years. As... Read More 08th May, 2020. Category: Community
Our fascinating history of remote learning This is not the first time that Ascham girls have experienced remote learning over the last century. In fact, there have been several periods where interruptions to schooling and remote learning have had to take... Read More 01st May, 2020. Category: Boarding
The Good News! Our Year 12 Social Justice Committee has created a new bulletin for our Ascham School community, called The Good News, so that amid all the bad news of the COVID-19 pandemic we can reflect on... Read More 03rd April, 2020. Category: Community
Wellbeing Prefects create positivity and happiness Our Year 6 Wellbeing Prefects started the year with much excitement and enthusiasm. The girls were well prepared with initiatives that they had devised to foster a happy and positive atmosphere where each girl feels... Read More 20th March, 2020. Category: Co-Curricular
Sporty, healthy minds At Ascham we hold the firm belief that sporty, healthy bodies contribute to fostering healthy, happy minds. Our Sports Administrator, Mr Callum Burden, shines a light on the benefits of participation in sport, including team... Read More 17th March, 2020. Category: Fiona
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