Our girls lead busy and interesting lives and pursue a wide range of activities and interests both within the classroom and through Ascham’s extensive co-curricular program.

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A Reflection on Repatriation In Year 11, Ascham Ancient History students complete a Historical Investigation on a topic of their choice. Student Georgia Shelley tackled the following question, and wrote an engaging and thoroughly researched essay on the repatriation... Read More 11th May, 2022. Category: General
Thriving With Dalton What does it mean to thrive academically? For one student, it might be to simply pass a test. For another, it might be to achieve a near-perfect mark. For the teacher, the common goal is... Read More 26th April, 2022. Category: Co-Curricular
Distance Prompts Reflection: Memories of the Dalton Plan The year 2010 saw me leave Ascham’s English Department, the place setting of my working life. My first Ascham teachers were Rowena Danziger, who gave me my job, and Beverley McGaw, who taught me the... Read More 12th April, 2022. Category: Ascham Archives
Junior Head of the River On 20 March our Senior School rowers shone at the Junior section (Years 8-9) of the annual Head of the River rowing regatta. Here, Head Coach Thomas Parker provides a colourful reflection of what was... Read More 04th April, 2022. Category: Awards
Delving into the Dalton Difference in Fiona Independence, Responsibility, Collaboration and Reflection, the four main pillars of the Dalton Plan, are cleverly, almost subliminally, woven into everything that happens in the Junior School. From lessons, to co-curricular activities, to the playground, the... Read More 02nd April, 2022. Category: Dalton
Reading, Creating, Dreaming It has been a great first term in the Hillingdon Library (Prep to Year 2). Librarian Ms Penny Szentkuti provides a rundown on what our youngest students have been up to in her library. 'Fortunately,... Read More 01st April, 2022. Category: Community
Dalton in the Final Year – Planning, Balance, Reflection and Connection Allegra Carlton and Mimi Perkin are keenly aware of how important it is to manage their wellbeing, just as much as their HSC workload, during their final year at School. Fortunately for these two students,... Read More 30th March, 2022. Category: Dalton
Sophie's Dalton Path to Medicine There has been a lot to celebrate lately at Ascham—this year marks 100 years since the unique educational framework, the Dalton Plan, was introduced to our School. Since 1922, thousands of Ascham students have graduated... Read More 29th March, 2022. Category: Boarding
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