Ngara–our commitment

Ngara translates as listen/hear/think in the language of the Gadigal people and encompasses the value of learning.

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Two of our 2022 Year 12 First Nations students pay their respects to the traditional custodians of the land on which Ascham stands.

Our obligation is to consciously contribute to the process of reconciliation which aims to achieve an equality between Australia’s original inhabitants and those who came after.

The Ascham Ngara Commitment strives to grow a community of deeply aware and brave thought leaders who will contribute boldly to the Australian story of reconciliation with our First Nations People.

We have adopted a framework to guide our work inside and outside the classroom, and within the wider Ascham community, to become a culturally responsive school that is focused on contributing to a nation in which all people and cultures can thrive.


Seek First Nations People’s perspectives to guide our understanding and appreciation.


Implement a range of opportunities for students and staff to learn and grow in our understanding.


Create meaningful opportunities that cultivate real connectiveness and belonging.

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