Ascham welcomes a small number of overseas students who wish to study in Australia under a student visa.

Overseas students

The School liaises with families directly and does not deal with agencies or pay referral fees for the recruitment of any students.

The process

For students who study English as a second language, an AEAS test report must be submitted to the Director of Enrolments and Community prior to any application.
Ascham will determine the year group and courses appropriate for a student, based on:

  • AEAS test results (Stanine score of 8-9)
  • a visit to the School meeting with key staff
  • an examination
  • an interview with our Head of School
  • information related to the student’s academic profile.

Entry to other Year levels depends on the availability of places and applications for these should be discussed with the Director of Enrolments and Community prior to submission.

Girls entering the School from Prep to Year 6 must live with their parents in Sydney. Girls entering from Year 7 to Year 10 must either be enrolled as a boarder or reside with their parents in Sydney. The School does not accept applications for new students commencing in Year 11 or students in Homestay accommodation.

Please contact our Enrolments Office to begin the enrolment process.

Become part of Ascham

Live and learn in an exciting, vibrant environment that nurtures self-confidence, resilience and participation. Begin the enrolment process now or find out more about our approach.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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