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Academic results

Ascham warmly congratulates the Class of 2022 on their outstanding HSC results. Our students’ steadfast commitment to learning, teamed with the tireless dedication of their teachers, has produced results of which each student should be very proud. Our educational framework, the Dalton Plan, supports Ascham students every step of the way, encouraging critical thinking, independence, reflection, and great collaboration between peers and teachers.

Why the HSC at Ascham?

For Ascham, the reasons for aligning with the HSC lie largely in the Dalton Plan. Its structure promotes learning that develops critical thinking, project-based learning, independent research and metacognitive reflection, and these attributes frame the HSC curriculum well.

The syllabus documents also align with our approach to teaching beyond the curriculum and building academic enrichment of girls. We can embed breadth and depth in all subject areas to ensure they are taught at the highest level to all students and allow for introducing further extension as needed.

Just as importantly, we find that a single HSC cohort strengthens collaboration and support among our girls as they prepare for HSC exams and subsequent tertiary aspirations.

HSC 2022 results

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Girls achieved marks of 70% or above in 568 out of the 594 examinations.

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More than 57% of our students scored an ATAR above 90.

All-round Achievers list

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13 students are in the All-round Achievers list, having achieved top Band marks (90% and above) in 10 or more of their units:

– Shoshana Auerbach
– Mia Couchman
– Tayla Green
– Margot Harris
– Emma Hassett
– Audrey Jacques
– India McLean
– Chloe Ngo
– Lucinda Ross
– Amelia Tabary-Edwards
– Lucy Tucker
– Djuna Watchman-Naher
– Angelina Yoon

A further 19 students narrowly missed the All-round Achievers list, having achieved top Band results in eight or nine of their units.

Distinguished Achievers

The entire 2022 cohort deserves acclaim for their achievements. We are also very pleased to report outstanding individual results:

Chinese Extension
0 st

Margot Harris – 1st in the
State in Chinese Extension
(NSW School of Languages).

History Extension
0 nd

Shoshana Auerbach – 2nd in the
State in History Extension.

Chinese Continuers
0 rd

Margot Harris – 3rd in the
State in Chinese Continuers.

French Continuers
0 th

Elyse Helmgren – 4th in the
State in French Continuers.

English Advanced
0 th

Shoshana Auerbach – 5th in the
State in English Advanced.

English Advanced
0 th

Margot Harris – 6th in the
State in English Advanced.

Music 1
0 th

Amelia Tabary-Edwards – 6th in the
State in Music 1.

English Advanced
0 th

Lucinda Ross – 9th in the
State in English Advanced.

Outstanding results

As further testament to the power of the Dalton Plan, a high percentage of Ascham girls achieved marks in the top band across all subjects:

  • In 568 out of the 594 examinations, the girls achieved marks of 70% or above.

In the following courses, all girls achieved marks in the top band (above 90%):

  • History Extension
  • Music Extension
  • French Continuers

Ascham girls were enrolled in 29 different courses. In 14 of those, the entire cohort achieved a mark of 80% or above. 

These are exceptional results from a group of committed students who showed the benefit of working consistently through their HSC year, and a clear indication of the academic strengths at Ascham and the ongoing success of the Dalton Plan.

Congratulations go to all teachers who have worked closely with these students, to their Year Coordinators Mrs Carolyn Heinz and Ms Stephanie Newby, who understood their individual strengths and encouraged them to strive for academic excellence, and to each Head of Department for developing curriculum initiatives to enhance the results of the girls.

Hearty congratulations from all of us to the Class of 2022.

ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of outstanding artworks created by NSW Visual Arts students for the HSC.

Five nominations:
Brinda Cannock, Allegra Carlton, Tehya McEvoy, Krista Simmons and Lucinda Stevenson

3 final selections:
– Brinda Cannock
– Tehya McEvoy
– Krista Simmons

Brinda’s work Suppressed to Survive will be displayed at the Western Plains Cultural Centre and the Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery; Tehya’s SAINT X will go on exhibition at Hazelhurst Arts Centre and Bondi Pavilion Gallery; and Krista’s work Through the Magnifying Glass will go on show at the Glasshouse Regional Gallery in Port Macquarie.


OnSTAGE is an annual program at the Seymour Centre of exemplary group performances, individual performances and individual projects by HSC Drama students.

11 nominated students in 3 sections:

Group Performance—All for Nun
– Josephine Lennox
– India McLean
– Heidi Raine

Group Performance—Ghosted
– Isabella Alexiou
– Elly Alker
– Scarlett Banks
– Saskia Roberts

Individual Performances:
– Isabella Alexiou (The Weir)
– Elly Alker (Miss Havisham)
– Scarlett Banks (Exit the Queen)
– Allegra Carlton (Kvetch)
– Amelia Tabary-Edwards (Cabaret)
– Djuna Watchman-Naher (The Tell-Tale Heart)

Costume Design
– Caitlin Gamulin (The Visit)


The Encore concert is a program of outstanding performances and compositions by music students from schools across NSW.

Six of our Music students were nominated for their Individual Performances and one was selected.

6 nominations:

– Angellinah Guo: Violin
– Jamilla Hill: Violin
– Madeleine Hynd: Flute
– Alison Lin: Piano
– Amelia Tabary-Edwards: Voice
– Angelina Yoon: Violin

1 final selection:
Angelina Yoon: Violin

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