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Hillingdon feeds the excitement and curiosity of our young students as they become engaged in and passionate about their learning journey.

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Welcome to Hillingdon

The first few years in a girl’s education are important steps in developing a love of learning, while having fun along the way. In Hillingdon, we nurture this passion and build confident learners, ensuring each girl feels safe and supported in her surroundings as she begins to develop her own aspirations for the future.

A varied program of activities.

Girls have a rich and varied program including excursions, assemblies, concerts, incursions and parent events that broaden their horizons and give them a real sense of enjoyment and community. 

Visual Arts, PDHPE, STEAM, Music and Languages programs are taught by specialist staff and are incorporated into classroom activities. Co-curricular activities are also introduced so our Hillingdon girls have plenty of opportunities to develop a love of Music and Sport.

Peta Howley
Head of Junior School

The Dalton Plan

The philosophy of the Dalton Plan begins in Hillingdon, when girls are introduced to its key principles—independence, responsibility, collaboration and reflection—while they learn and complete tasks. Embedding the Dalton concept at this early age allows girls to structure their thoughts and activities in a way that sets them up well for their academic and personal development as they progress on their learning journey.

We use the Spalding Method to guide the girls’ learning approach, while the Dalton Plan principles are continually reinforced through their task- and project-based learning activities. Girls also team with learning buddies in order to collaborate and reflect on their work.

The Hillingdon

Average class size, allowing for a caring, supportive approach to teaching and learning.

Our well-balanced curriculum develops literacy and numeracy skills in a stimulating and engaging way so Hillingdon girls can reap the most from their academic activities and feel connected, challenged and valued in their environment.

The Spalding Method builds strong skills in reading, spelling and writing so girls can to gain an understanding of how the English language works. All class teachers are trained in this method, so there is consistency and continuity from class to class and year to year. 

Small class sizes allow for a caring, supportive approach to teaching and learning, and each class is staffed by highly qualified, specialist teachers in STEAM, Music, PDHPE, Visual Arts, French, Mandarin and Library, and Learning Enhancement teachers in English and Mathematics.

Critical thinking skills are taught explicitly through a range of thinking routines. Assessment strategies let girls articulate their learning goals and understand how to achieve them. Feedback from their teachers, learning buddies and peers allows girls to consider the next steps in their learning.

Vi et Animo—wellbeing in Hillingdon

Hillingdon is a happy and caring environment where each girl feels connected and valued. 

Through our wellbeing framework, Vi et Animo—with heart, soul, strength and courage, girls are introduced to the principles of trust, respect, co-operation and concern for others, and we foster an understanding of our School values so girls develop positive attitudes and respectful behaviours.

The wellbeing program in Hillingdon is delivered through a range of lessons, workshops and activities, developing confident learners through PDH and social skills lessons, learning buddies and service to others through charity days and sponsorships. A number of initiatives teach the skills of confidence, persistence, resilience, cooperation and organisation.

We also provide exposure to a range of leadership responsibilities, giving girls a chance to carry out a Leader or Monitor role, building their independence and team spirit.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education is vital for students if they are to navigate their professional lives with confidence and success in their chosen fields.

We introduce girls to this critical teaching platform with a range of programs and activities that inspire, engage and develop important skills. Girls begin project-based learning combining elements of STEAM that challenge them to develop their capabilities in authentic problem solving, project management and collaboration—further underlining the principles of the Dalton Plan.

Our learning technologies let girls explore ideas and create solutions and our lively lunch time STEAM groups provide a fun way to think creatively and work collaboratively on a wide variety of projects.


Sport, Music and Drama are important aspects of School life and we introduce a wide range of activities to girls in Hillingdon to discover new passions and stimulate engagement.

Girls are encouraged to experience the enjoyment and benefits of co-curricular activities, and learn to work together in sporting teams, music groups and drama productions. Active involvement promotes the growth of well-rounded students so they can maintain a balance in School life through academic pursuit, co-curricular activity and free play.

We are a school that loves to play sport and it is an integral part of our girl’s daily life. The Hillingdon Sports Program is supported by an experienced team of coaching staff who provide girls with opportunities to participate and develop as players in a fun sporting environment.

We offer a range of competitive and non-competitive sporting opportunities, letting students select sports based on their personal interest and available time.

Co-curricular sports are offered to Hillingdon girls before and after school, and include Swimming lessons, Tennis lessons, Dance, Gymnastics, Diving and Football.

“Ah, music… a magic beyond all we do here!”

– Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling.

At Ascham it’s Music for All, and Music feeds the Hillingdon soul! It stimulates creativity and encourages participation, and our young learners have plenty of opportunities to be part of the musical life of the School. We provide music lessons as part of classroom activities and there are many School performances including ensembles, recitals and formal concerts.

For those keen on exploring further, there is private instrumental tuition available for group violin, cello and piano, as well as the Hillingdon string program for those learning a string instrument.

Involved in the Community

Being part of a community means understanding the importance of giving to and caring for others, and Hillingdon students and staff support a number of charities through various collections, charity and mufti days.

Girls also sponsor a World Vision child and contribute to a range of worthy causes including Greystanes Disability Services, Royal Hospital for Women Foundation, Guide Dogs Association of NSW and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

Hillingdon girls love to celebrate Easter and Christmas by giving to others. Our much-loved collection for presents and tinned food are made for Barnardos Australia each year.

After School Care

The Ascham After School Care Program caters exclusively to Ascham students and is available for all Hillingdon girls every afternoon in a fun, safe environment.

This engaging program runs from 2.30pm to 6pm on weekdays and offers supervised homework time, and activities including art, craft, games and cooking, organised by experienced childcare staff. Afternoon tea is provided. During School Holidays at the completion of Ascham Holiday Academy, the service will operate from 3.15pm until 6.00pm.

The After School Care Program is provided at an extra cost and attendance can be on a permanent or casual basis.

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