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About the APA

The Ascham Parents’ Association (APA) is a body of parents and carers that nurtures strong community relationships to enhance the Vi et Animo spirit of Ascham, and ensures it remains a welcoming place for everyone.

Connecting and meeting

The APA organises a wide range of events and social activities to provide opportunities for our current families to connect. It also arranges regular second-hand uniform stalls to promote uniform recycling and raise funds to support families experiencing extreme hardship. All other funds the APA raises are given back to the School for equipment and various projects, as well as donated to their nominated charities.

The APA Committee meets each term and all parents are welcome. Every Ascham parent and carer is a member of the APA and the Committee is always happy to hear from parents who wish to become further involved in the School community.

Ascham Boarder Parents’ Committee

Boarding is a central part of life at Ascham, and we have a vibrant Boarder Parents’ Committee that focuses on enhancing the connections for the boarding community. This passionate group welcomes and supports new families to boarding and organises a range of activities throughout the year, including annual social gatherings for boarder parents to meet.

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