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The Changing Game of Girls’ Sport

Ascham's Head of Sport Alex Butt brings us her analysis of the evolution of girls' and women's sport.

The Creative Life of Ingrid

Ingrid Weir’s career as a designer has taken her all around the world, but when COVID-19 struck, like many of us, she turned to a project close to home.

12 Oct 2022


Buy From the Bush

In October 2020, an idea was born at the kitchen table on a sheep and cattle farm in Warren.

12 Oct 2022


Congrats Pat on the OAM!

It seems there isn’t a community group in the town of Warren that hasn’t been touched by the caring hand of Ascham Old Girl Pat Irving (Walker 1951).

12 Oct 2022


A Career Outside the City

Holly Baker (2015), just six years out of Ascham, has found boundless opportunity building her career in regional NSW.

12 Oct 2022


Yeates family wine venture

Using the Ascham values of collaboration, organisation and planning, sisters Sarah (Class of 2000), Edwina and Anna Yeates (Class of 2003) bring a unique skill set to their family’s business.

12 Oct 2022

At Ascham, we have created and made a commitment to reconciliation in a way that calls on our School community to listen, learn and grow together.
Boarders Prep July 2022

Boarders Reap Benefits of Prep

Ascham's Head of Boarding Allysia Heness-Pugh explains how the nightly routine of Prep for our boarders works hand in glove with our renowned educational framework, the Dalton Plan.

10 Oct 2022


Studies of Religion

A 1-unit Studies of Religion course has been introduced to Year 11 students at Ascham.

19 Sep 2022

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