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Creating Sitcom Success

Alex Levy (2006) shares her journey from Ascham to Hollywood's writers’ rooms. Reflecting on her formative years and a pivot from books to TV, Alex navigates industry changes, a writers’

24 Nov 2023


Life of Words and Letters

Susan Wyndham (1975) is a long-time journalist and writer whose life has been defined by her unwavering love for the written word and passion for literature.

24 Nov 2023


Creative Ignition

Life changed dramatically for Caroline Erwin (1997) at a time when she had two small children and a high-pressured ad agency career.

24 Nov 2023


Brushes and Books

Christabel Blackman (1976) is a dynamic figure in the art world and shares with us her stories from early days at Ascham to global artistic pursuits.

24 Nov 2023


Goldies Afternoon Tea

On a crisp winter's afternoon in August, 60 Ascham Old Girls arrived at Glenrock for our inaugural Goldies event.

24 Nov 2023


Business Breakfast

The AOGU annual Business Breakfast is always a highly anticipated event in our calendar.

24 Nov 2023

A trip to Cambodia in Year 9, to visit our Ascham Schools there, impacted Kamara Pather (2013) profoundly.

25 May 2023


Young Director for Change

Amelia Burke’s (2012) desire to empower and provide space for young people to express themselves, along with her love of the arts.

25 May 2023


Kids with Concussion

Ascham Old Girl Ella Swaney’s (2016) research and progress in the world of haematology and concussion is helping to provide answers to long standing issues around concussion.

25 May 2023