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Boarders Prep July 2022

Boarders Reap Benefits of Prep

Ascham's Head of Boarding Allysia Heness-Pugh explains how the nightly routine of Prep for our boarders works hand in glove with our renowned educational framework, the Dalton Plan.

10 Oct 2022


We’re Back, Coona!

Our Equestrian team was excited to head back to the North West Equestrian Expo where 18 Ascham Team members took part in different events and disciplines.

Sophie’s Dalton Path to Medicine

2021 graduate Sophie Deal has embarked on a big move to Adelaide to study a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine at Flinders.

29 Mar 2022


Resi Boarding is a Hit

Our Residential Boarding Program is a fantastic experience that gives our day girls a taste of Boarding life.