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National Boarding Week

National Boarding Week celebrates the richness and diversity that our boarders bring to Ascham.
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Greening Our School, Sustaining Our Planet

This week marked another significant milestone in our journey towards ‘Sustaining Our Future’ when we became the first school in Australia to install a Greenspace Microfarm.
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All for One… Our new Three Musketeers!

In a spectacular round-off to Term 1, the Ascham Senior School production of The Three Musketeers was a swashbuckling success!
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Boarding Buddies

Our special Buddy program helps our new Year 7 boarders settle into living at Ascham, with friendship and loads of support.
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Boarders’ Barista Skills

At Ascham our boarders lead a balanced life, which includes learning life skills and making the most of their downtime alongside the rigours of academic study.

15 Mar 2024

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Sisters in Sport – championing leaders for life

The Sisters in Sport Leadership Network aims to champion women in sports leadership, celebrate our achievements, amplify our voices and pave the way for a more inclusive future.
We began our Ascham School year with a very special Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony.
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The Middle Years of Boarding

The middle years of high school—Years 8, 9 and 10—is a time of immense change for many reasons. For boarders, and their families, there are additional elements to navigate.
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This Changes Everything

Last night, anticipation was high when our Middle School production, 'This Changes Everything', graced the Packer Theatre stage.