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NRW 2023 website hero

National Reconciliation Week 2023

Celebrating National Reconciliation Week at Ascham, our students and staff actively listened and learned from First Nations people about their cultures, languages and histories.
Jamilla Hill website hero 2023

Jamilla’s Boarding Head Start

The combination of Boarding and Dalton gave Jamilla Hill a strong foundation for her Vet Science degree.
Schoolgirls Football Dallas Cup 2023_website hero

Daniella Plays for Australia

At Ascham we strive for the highest levels of excellence in school sport... and you can't get much better than playing for Australia!

28 Apr 2023

Sustainability Leadership Symposium 2023_website hero

Sustainability Leadership Symposium

With 'Sustaining Our Future' a key commitment of our Strategic Plan, we have sustainability goals at the heart of daily life at Ascham.

7 Apr 2023

TheDrowsyChaperone_website hero

More Sparkling Than Drowsy!

Our Senior School musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, opened to thunderous applause last night.
Tildesley Team 2023_website hero

Tildesley Triumph

It was a triumphant 3rd place this year for our superstar Tildesley Tennis Team.
‘Embrace Equity’ was the theme of IWD on 8 March and we embraced it fully at Ascham.
Diana Reid BnB 2023_website hero

A Bestselling Ascham Old Girl

On 23 February we were excited to welcome back to campus an Ascham Old Girl who has made her mark as a bestselling fiction author. Diana Reid (Class of 2013)

24 Feb 2023

WestConnex Work Experience 2023

Connecting with WestConnex

Year 11 students join WestConnex for work experience.

3 Feb 2023