Books ‘n’ Breakfast with Wai Chim

At Ascham, we love books! Reading and a love of literature are hugely important elements of School life. Our three libraries are vibrant, buzzing places, and we have many events that celebrate how important books are to us.

Books ‘n’ Breakfast events, with visiting authors and illustrators, are regulars on our School every term. Recently, we were delighted to welcome well-known author Wai Chim to chat to students, staff and parents, as well as sign a range of her books.

Read on for a wonderful write-up about the event by two of our Year 7 students, Ellyn and Dora.


Last Thursday Ascham was very lucky to have Wai Chim, author of several amazing books including Last-Place Lin, Freedom Swimmer and The Surprising Power of a Dumpling, as our special guest for Books ‘n’ Breakfast.

Wai’s most recent book, Last-Place Lin, published last year, was inspired by her time on the popular TV show, Survivor. She told us about how she had to go through many obstacles throughout the 44 days and one of the activities was running up a hill eleven times in 42-degree weather. This was a huge challenge for her and even though the other contestants had already finished, and she was still running, she completed the challenge and felt proud of her accomplishments. Wai related this to not just everyday achievements but also when we are trying to write. She stated that we should keep trying and always feel proud of ourselves, especially when we finish even the smallest piece of writing.

A member of the audience asked, ‘What inspired you to start writing?’ Wai responded that she had always made little stories in her head that she cared about and after trying many things out, she realised she was passionate about writing. She encouraged us to write about things we care about too.

This was a lovely morning with students, parents and staff from across the School enjoying Wai’s talk and a lovely breakfast.

Image: Wai with two Year 4 students at our Books ‘n’ Breakfast event

1 Mar 2024

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