Boarders’ Barista Skills

At Ascham our boarders lead a balanced life, which includes learning life skills and making the most of their downtime alongside the rigours of academic study. We know that many young people will work in hospitality while on holidays, during gaps years or tertiary study, so being skilled up while still at school is great preparation.

Our Year 12 boarders love their cups of caffeine! So some of the girls took a break from study and assessments recently one sunny weekend and took the train into the city to take part in a Barista Basics course. Run by CBD College and subsidised by Ascham Boarding, the course taught them all the fundamentals of making great-tasting coffee; they were taught the theories of how to create a quality espresso-based coffee and then moved onto the very delicious and fun part of the practical side of coffee making!

The girls learnt how to use a coffee machine, how to froth milk, and how to make espresso and milk-based coffees such as cappuccinos and flat whites. Besides learning about the technical aspects of coffee making, they also learnt about safety regulations in the barista industry and how to prevent cross contamination.

Our students reported that it was a fun and productive morning, and the knowledge gathered from the course, along with the basic certification, will be useful in their future holidays, during gap years and university. And as a bonus for families and friends, is has helped them become impressively adept at making coffees at home!

15 Mar 2024

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