This week at Ascham we were delighted to launch Blueprint to our community. Blueprint is a 10-year+ program of works designed to unlock the potential of Ascham’s campus, and meet future demands in teaching and learning. In its essence, Blueprint is our Masterplan. This is a transformational opportunity to achieve a cohesive campus outcome and we are so excited.

We’re designing the next century of the Dalton Plan at Ascham, and honouring our Ngara Commitment each step of the way. As Australia’s only Dalton School, we will continue to grow our campus, keeping pace with our pioneering education.

We began our Masterplan in 2016, looking at the entire campus and considering bold advancements to our learning and boarding environments. Grouping the development by faculty means Dalton teachers and students will collaborate and share best practice in both formal and informal learning settings – while allowing boarders to ‘go home’ in the afternoons to a domestic setting. Upgrading the Boarding Houses is so important. We will continue to invite girls from all over the country to bring their rich diversity to our School community.

First stop? Our Junior School – Fiona campus. Unifying Years 3–6 within an enriching education precinct for students and teachers where spaces foster curiosity, learning and collaboration is our goal. Turning the soil begins this year and we can’t wait to rejuvenate our whole Fiona precinct.

Explore our Ascham School Blueprint.

Watch this video to see our Head of School Mr Powell, and our key design leads, talk about our vision for the next decade at Ascham.

21 Jul 2023

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