Resi Boarding is a Hit

In normal years, a group of Ascham Year 9 day students join Ascham Boarding for a term. Our Residential Boarding Program is a fantastic experience that gives our day girls a taste of Boarding life; they are exposed to new routines and lots of fresh experiences such as sharing dorms, attending Boarders’ Prep (the after-school study and homework program), sharing meals in the Dining Room, living with friends, a greater sense of independence, and all the benefits that come with living at School.

Due to COVID in 2021 our Resi Program didn’t happen, so this year we have five excited Year 10s who joined Ascham Boarding this term. It has certainly been an unusual introduction to Boarding: Rapid Antigen Testing three times a week, a strict wake-up schedule, mask-wearing in common areas, and regimented Prep study, to name just a few things!

Not only have our five ‘Resi’s’ survived thus far, they have thrived. Here are some of the things they have shared when asked about Boarding life:

What inspired you to apply for the Residential Program?

‘My sisters did the Resi program and had really good experiences. I also had friends who were boarders already and they all really like it so I wanted to try it out for myself.’ – Rosie

‘I wanted to learn to be more independent and also be with my friends.’ – Hazel

‘A lot of my friends are already boarders, in fact I used to visit the Boarding House a lot so I already knew the space. Plus I think I’m pretty independent already so I was excited to get started.’ – Sienna

Are there any differences between home life and boarding at Ascham?

‘In Boarding I get to sleep in because I don’t have any travel time from [home] to factor into my mornings. It’s great.’ – Hazel

‘I’m definitely more productive because of Prep. I get more work done after School. I also really like being around so many people, it’s great to socialise.’ – Sienna

What do you like about Ascham Boarding?

‘It’s a lot easier to get to school as being in Boarding is so much closer and more convenient. It’s an opportunity to connect with your Year group and become closer with them. You also get to connect more with other Years.’ – Rosie

‘I enjoy spending more face-to-face time with my School friends because that means I spend less time on my phone chatting via social media. I like being close to campus so I can use my mornings to get more involved in sport without sacrificing too much sleep. Oh, and I also like the food!’ – Sarah

‘I like being around everyone, the girls I’m friends with and new people too. I’m having a lot of fun but I also really like the structure.’ – Sienna

Have you any advice for new Resi boarders, or new boarders in general?

‘Be talkative. That’s the easiest way to get to know the girls in the house, particularly girls from other Years.’ – Chloe

‘Going to both early Prep and after-dinner Prep is the best way to get all your work completed on time, and it helps maximise your time with the Prep tutors’ – Sarah

‘Get organised! With everything, like study and laundry and your dorm!’ – Hazel

‘If you’re even a little bit interested, do it. Take the leap, it’s so worthwhile.’ – Sienna

28 Feb 2022

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