National Boarding Week

National Boarding Week was in full swing this week at Ascham, celebrating the richness and diversity that our boarders bring to our School.

We’ve been welcoming boarders to Ascham for 137 years, from regional NSW, interstate and overseas, and we have many boarding families of multiple generations. At Ascham reunions and events, Old Girl boarders often have the most colourful stories about life at Ascham!

This week the students have had a fantastic time with activities including:

  • Tidiest Dorm Awards
  • Invite a Day Girl to Afternoon Tea, Dinner and Trivia
  • Family Favourites and Themed Dinners
  • Boarders Vs Day Girls Netball (the day girls won!)
  • Boarders Bake Sale
  • Country Mufti Day, raising money for the charity Drought Angels
  • and of course the annual favourite… Boarders vs Day Girls Relay! The teams battle it out to be the fastest to make a bed; shine shoes, sort out laundry, and sign out on the iPad! The boarders won of course!

Our boarders always enjoy the opportunity to combine activities with local boys’ schools, so Year 7’s games day and BBQ with King’s on Sunday will be a lot of fun. Year 9 look forward to heading over to dinner at Cranbrook on Sunday evening.

Boarding Expos are happening around regional NSW during May to July, with Ascham having a presence at every expo. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet with future parents, as well as our current boarding families and Ascham Old Girl boarders too.

National Boarding Week has been another wonderful week to celebrate our fabulous Boarding community here at Ascham.

Image: Boarders with our sweet pup, Pip, who lives on campus with the girls, during National Boarding Week

17 May 2024

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