Jasmine Wins History Prize

When Jasmine Keenan, graduate of 2023, was an Ascham student she showed a particular flair for History and English.

At the Year 12 Prizegiving ceremony last December, Jasmine received the The Margaret Lundie Honour Board Prize for Creative Writing, and two Prizes for Achievement in English Extension 1 and Extension 2. While in Year 11 the year before, she had received The Amy Molineaux Memorial Honour Board Prize for English Essay and also placed 1st in English Extension 1.

Adding another feather to her cap, at the end of last year we received the news that Jasmine was awarded 1st place in the 2023 Extension History Essay Prize conducted by the History Teachers Association of NSW. This prestigious prize is sponsored by the University of Sydney.

Jasmine’s outstanding essay topic was on the historiography of the Umayyad caliphate under Abbasid-era historians.

Last week she attended the awards ceremony to receive her prize, and is pictured here with Professor Michael McDonnell from the University of Sydney.

Congratulations Jasmine and also to our department of dedicated and passionate History teachers at Ascham!

29 Mar 2024

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