Tackling Waste with Sham Sushi

Getting hands on with sustainability is an increasingly important part of an Ascham education. Collaborating with our neighbouring schools is a wonderful way to share knowledge, become inspired and take action together.

Ascham Visual Arts teachers Tanya Fielding and Jo Castle report here on a special day where Ascham students joined with their peers from Sydney Grammar to tackle the impacts of waste on marine environments.

‘On 27 March, Year 4 Ascham students collaborated with Grammar students in an immersive and hands-on Visual Arts and STEAM workshop. It focused on exploring the impacts of overfishing, pollution and industrial production on our marine environment and waterways. As fish and other sea creatures mistakenly eat plastic regularly, our focus this year has been on the effects of human activity on these marine organisms.

Our colleagues at Sydney Grammar, the Director of Visual Arts and Artist-in-Residence, developed a creative way of encouraging students to engage with these issues while making art.

Working in small groups, students constructed handmade sushi delicacies made entirely from recycled plastic materials, as part of a ‘Sham Sushi Shop’. They labelled their culinary sculptures with hand-made signage, indicating ingredients and price, before being photographed in pop-up photobooths to document their creations.

The day was a tremendous success, with students and staff finding the experience joyful whilst also provoking deep discussion around the ways we can make positive changes to improve the environment.’

5 Apr 2024

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