Purpose Beyond the Courtroom

My LinkedIn profile says I’m a Senior Lawyer at Westpac in Financial Crime, Fraud Prevention and Scams. That’s what I do for work but that’s not who I am.’

Georgia Millar’s (Koutts 1997) career demonstrates the impact one individual can have beyond the boundaries of a conventional corporate role. Georgia is passionate about volunteering and about the power of a committed and engaged community—to make a positive difference to our society but also to foster connection, kindness and improve wellbeing for all involved.

While a teenager at Ascham, Georgia’s life was shaped by her treatment for a rare blood cancer, teaching her firsthand the importance of medical research and the ripple effects of illness on families. This awareness, and the opportunities she was provided through her education at Ascham, ignited her passion for philanthropy and community service.

Georgia’s philanthropic journey is characterised by her dedicated involvement since 2018 with Tour de Cure, a partnership facilitated by her employer, Westpac. A dedicated cyclist and volunteer, Georgia has personally raised over $50,000, contributing to the Tour de Cure’s impressive achievement of over $118 million raised for cancer research, which has led to 150 breakthroughs.

Inspired by the Japanese concept of ikigai (passion that gives value and joy to life), Georgia has consistently sought purpose beyond her professional life. During university, she provided free legal advice at the Marrickville Legal Centre, and her paralegal internship at the Rwandan Supreme Court in Kigali. Even during maternity leave, she continued her pro bono work at the Salvos Legal Humanitarian Advice Bureau and served on her children’s preschool board, underscoring her dedication to community service and strengthening community bonds.

In her current role at Westpac, Georgia continues to bridge the gap between corporate responsibility and social justice. Through the bank’s extensive pro bono programs, she leverages her legal expertise to support the Westpac Foundation—providing grants and other non-financial support to social enterprises empowering individuals to achieve economic independence through meaningful employment.

Reflecting on her days at Ascham, Georgia fondly recalls the School’s emphasis on charity fundraising and community outreach. From visiting the isolated elderly in their homes, to initiating the School’s first Rowing program, she embraced opportunities to make a positive impact and instil a sense of social responsibility in her peers.  

As a role model in both her professional and philanthropic pursuits, Georgia offers invaluable advice to the younger generation: Prioritise actions that benefit others and the community. Amidst the distractions of conventional measures of success, she emphasises the profound fulfillment found in meaningful, purpose-driven work.


Alexandra Wenderoth (Beer 1993)

8 May 2024

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