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The AOGU annual Business Breakfast is always a highly anticipated event in our calendar. This year was no exception when it featured an Ascham parent, Professor Toby Walsh, a global authority on artificial intelligence (AI). The event was conducted as an in-conversation interview by Antonia Miles (O’Neill 1991), a Council Member and current parent; it provided a morning of compelling insights.

Prof. Walsh, an AI research pioneer and author of Machines Behaving Badly and most recently Faking It, discussed AI’s profound influence on education, work, business and medicine. He underscored the irreplaceable role of emotional intelligence amidst AI’s rapid advancement, and introduced the idea of positions such as ‘Chief Philosophy Officer’ to address the ethical dimensions of AI.

Some of the key messages were the importance of embracing this new technology, fostering education around its potential, and recognising the continued importance of emotional intelligence.

We thank Prof. Walsh for his generosity of sharing his knowledge and willingness to engage in discussion across a wide range of topics. The Q&A session explored which jobs are AI-resistant, to understanding how AI impacts vulnerable and disabled patients in aged care. As he was signing books in the Ivy Sunroom, he continued to answer questions from guests, before leaving for another two keynote speaking appointments that day!

Thoughts from attendees:

‘Prof. Walsh’s insights and expertise in AI made this Business Breakfast a truly thought-provoking experience that left everyone buzzing.’ Sommer Bath (AOG 1997)

‘My thoughts are AI is here, it can handle many tasks, but it cannot replace the need for emotional intelligence and the importance of humanities. Embrace it, educate yourself and your children … this is our future.’ Magdalena Lapcevic (current parent and mother of Old Girl)

24 Nov 2023

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