A Window Into the Future

Students in our Junior School, Years 3 to 6, are witnessing an exciting chapter unfold as the construction of our new building, featuring a spacious hall and dedicated music classrooms, commences. A special window has been made for them so they can observe work across the construction site. Their future is literally unfolding before them.

The sight of towering cranes, heavy machinery and bustling workers has ignited our students’ curiosity and imagination. The transition from demolition to piling marks a significant milestone in the construction process. With piling activities now underway, students have a unique opportunity to observe the intricate groundwork that is essential for the realisation of our new facilities.

The thought of a new hall has sparked excitement among the students who are imagining future assemblies, performances and celebrations within this new space. Similarly, the addition of music classrooms will expand opportunities for artistic exploration and expression, nurturing talents, and fostering creativity within the Junior School.

The students are looking forward to witnessing the forthcoming stages of construction, eagerly awaiting the moment that our new building will emerge from the ground. This project not only represents the physical expansion of the Junior School but also the promise of vibrant new spaces for learning, creativity and community gatherings.

Visit our Blueprint website here and discover more about how we are transforming our Ascham campus.

16 Feb 2024

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