Scientists in the Making

We have Scientists in the making! Our Prep teachers Ms Alex Keller and Mrs Julie Ward share the delightful array of experiences and experiments our students have been participating in the wonderful world that is Prep!

‘The girls are displaying great enthusiasm when engaged in a variety of Science experiments exploring our unit on ‘Colour and Materials’. Girls are learning the primary colours of red, blue and yellow, and discovering how they can be used to make secondary colours. Many artworks are being produced and are on display in the classroom, showing the students’ creativity when combining these colours together.

In Mathematics, we have been counting and recognising numbers to 10 through storybooks, nursery rhymes, hands-on games and play-based number activities. The girls are enjoying our Prep Shop to develop their understanding and make connections about numbers in the world around them.’

We have an exciting year ahead with many more wonderful learning opportunities planned for the girls to continue to explore, learn and play as they prepare for next year, their first year of School.

5 May 2022

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