Manga Comes to Ascham

At Ascham, we foster a love of reading and of art, so what better way to engage students than invite an expert graphic novel illustrator in to host a drawing workshop. Recently, the Senior School Library and Art Department hosted a Manga Drawing Workshop with illustrator Matthew Lin, which was a hit with the students who attended.

Students Evie, Polly and Yvette wrote their reflection on the workshop highlights…

‘Matthew Lin demonstrated how to draw a Manga superhero step by step on a whiteboard. We began by sketching the shape of the head and body in a fighting stance. Later we added more details such as clothing, hair, and the face. Matthew gave us several drawing tips as well, including ways to draw hands and braids. He also told us ways to draw the features of kids, adults, and elders to make them look accurate.

We learned that trivial details could really change the audience’s perception of the drawing. We enjoyed giving our superheroes individual objects to hold, ranging from katanas to even stop signs.

Stationery (and chocolate) was provided as well, which was very considerate. Everyone agreed that the workshop was a fun way to spend our lunchtime. We all learned something new from the workshop and we thank Matthew Lin for coming to teach us, and the Library and Art Department staff for organising the event.’

28 Jun 2024

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