Holiday Academy

Ascham Holiday Academy runs a wide range of stimulating programs open to girls and boys of specific Year groups. Participants are able to have fun and learn in a relaxed and safe environment with trained teachers and staff.

The Academy – School holidays

The Academy operates during School holidays at Ascham School, and each program typically runs for a full school day (8.30am to 3.30pm). Specific information may change so please ensure you have the latest information available.

Programs are being constantly developed, but some of our popular activities include:

Code Camp

Our ever-popular code camps give children from K–7 the chance to learn coding concepts through various activities, both online and offline. Collaboration, computational thinking, problem solving, loops, ‘if’ and ‘else’ statements are learned while using coding iPad apps, board games and more.

A range of camps are available, depending on skills, from Little League for K–1, through Spark, Ignite and up to Leap for 4–7. Plan and build an app, develop a game, or get to grips with free-type coding in JavaScript.

Hotshots Tennis Camp

Ascham’s qualified coaches organise and implement a program that caters to red, orange and green ball stages. The Camp is a balance of technical analysis, footwork, drills and match play with the aim to maximise participation and students’ enjoyment of the game. The day includes fun warm-up games, skills development and fast-moving rallying games, and daily prizes are awarded.

Science Spectacular (Years K–6)

The StarTime Science Spectacular lets children see everyday things become extraordinary scientific discoveries, ably guided by StarTime’s seriously silly scientist Professor Dinglesplodge. Children have the opportunity to make their own mini-science show, including lava lamps, pop rockets and bouncy balls, and perform to the audience.

Minecraft Masters

Children in Years 1–6 use their new-found knowledge and skills, in combination with iPads and 21st Century Green Screen Technology to create their own Minecraft YouTube tutorial.

We also cater for singing and dancing, a wide range of sports, gymnastics, Kindergarten Prep, Diving and Gymnastics and day excursions to nearby beaches, swimming pools and parks.

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