‘With heart and soul we tread the way’ – this indelible phrase and its accompanying melody reverberates for all of us. We are and always will be Ascham girls. We have a shared history that binds us no matter what path we forge. We are formidable but kind, astute and inquisitive and fiercely loyal. The Ascham Old Girls (AOG) is our vehicle for continued connection. Collectively we are stronger. With over 7,000 members we are a resource of strength and support that exists to encourage the continuation of friendships.

The AOG was established in 1899 by former headmistress and Ascham’s founder Miss Marie Wallis.

Miss Wallis met with a group of Old Girls once or twice a year to raise funds for hospitals and infant homes. During The Depression a fund was set up to provide financial assistance for daughters of Old Girls. This tradition of altruism continues with the committee directing funds to AOG Scholarships, Hardship Bursaries and Prizes.

Founder – Miss Marie Wallis
Patron – Mr Andrew Powell | Head of School
President – Mrs Emma Martin
Vice-President – Mrs Julia Dangar
Honorary Treasurer – Mrs Nicola Michel
Honorary Secretary – Mrs Yianoula Henderson

The Committee:
Ms Ruby Alexander – Ms Genevieve Ancell
Ms Lisa Bell – Mrs Madeleine Campbell
Ms Stephanie Charalambous – Mrs Caroline Isles
The Hon. Brigitte Markovic – Ms Holly Marsh
Mrs Christina Walker

Nurturing a sense of belonging and keeping Old Girls informed.

Old Girl Reunions are held to celebrate the 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th anniversaries of attendance at Ascham. The School also hosts annual drinks for those girls in the previous year’s HSC cohort. The Ascham Old Girls’ Union also hosts a range of events focused on building our community. For more information regarding upcoming events or reunions please email aogu@ascham.nsw.edu.au


Ascham Old Girls’ Union Events 2022


Architecture and Design Drinks — Bismarck House, Bondi


Business Breakfast at the Art Gallery of NSW

Archibald Prize Tour at the Art Gallery of NSW

Annual Golf and Tennis Day


Orange Regional Luncheon

Business Breakfast at the Ivy, Financial Services theme

Helping Old Girls reach their potential and upholding AOG traditions.

Enrolling your daughter

In recognition of the very worthy contribution of our Old Girls, first priority will be given to daughters of Ascham Old Girls enrolled before their first birthday at any formal entry point (Prep, Kindergarten, Year 5 or Year 7). We give equal first priority to boarders and younger siblings of girls already enrolled at Ascham at the time of the proposed commencement date. Second priority is given to daughters of Ascham Old Girls enrolled after their first birthday by date of application received.

Honour Board Prize Recipients

The Old Girls’ Honour Board Prize is the oldest continually awarded prize having been established in 1902. For many years this prize was awarded based on a popular vote of the students but since 1956 has always been awarded to the Chair of the School Committee.


2020 – R. Alexander

2019 – S. Blades

2018 – E. Michel

2017 – G. Stricker-Phelps

2016 – P. Waller

2015 – L. Spence

2014 – A.D.Marta

2013 – D.Reid

2012 – N.Waldron

2011 – S.Laughton

2010 – A.Hamilton

The Ascham Leadership Scholarship

The Ascham Leadership Scholarship is an opportunity for young Old Girls to undertake research or humanitarian aid work.


The Old Girls welcome donations with funds supporting the activities of the AOGU and Scholarships for daughters or granddaughters of Old Girls.

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