Academic Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 on their outstanding results! We are particularly proud of our girls’ HSC results in 2018 and congratulate our Year 12 students and staff on their wonderful achievements.

HSC 2018 results

Our girls consistently achieve high results in the HSC—strong evidence of Ascham’s high quality of teaching and commitment to excellence.

  • 70

  • 30

An average of 98% of girls have been admitted to universities in recent years.

  • 80

  • 20

Girls achieved marks of 70% or above in 520 out of the 531 examinations.

  • 60

  • 40

More than 50% of our students scored an ATAR above 90.

All Round Achievers List


Eight girls were placed in the All Round Achievers List, having achieved top Band marks of 90% and above in ten or more of their units.

A further 14 girls were very close to being included on this honours list, having achieved top band results in eight or nine of their units.

Distinguished Achievers

While acknowledging that the entire 2018 cohort achieved well above the State average and deserves acclaim for their achievements we are also very pleased to report outstanding individual results:



Eliza Fox came first in the State in Biology.

German Extension


Eliza Fox came first in the State in German Extension.



Eliza Fox placed third in Economics.

German Continuers


Eliza Fox placed third in German Continuers.



Alexandra Christopoulos placed ninth in Biology.

Outstanding Results

Ascham students were enrolled in 28 different courses.

In 14 of these courses our lowest exam mark was equal to, or higher than, the average State exam mark. This includes subjects with varied candidatures such as English Standard, English Extension 1, English and Mathematics Extension 2, Modern History and History extension, Geography, all French courses, German Extension, Chinese Continuers, Drama, Music 1, and Visual Arts; a clear indication of the academic strengths of our School and the Dalton Plan.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018. These are stellar results from a group of dedicated students who showed the significant impact of working hard up to the HSC examinations. Many girls demonstrated great improvement from their Trial examination results.

In addition congratulations should go to all Ascham teachers who have worked closely with these girls, fostering their intellectual potential. The girls were nurtured by their Year Coordinator, Miss Micah Saul who came to understand their individual strengths and encourage them to strive for academic excellence. Thank you to Heads of Department of each subject area for developing curriculum initiatives to enhance the results of the girls

A selection of our HSC subjects and the percentage of girls coming in the top two performance bands compared to the State:

NSW average


Ancient History

36% : 78%


36% : 76%


42% : 65%

Chinese Cont

86% : 100%


42% : 100%


46% : 72%

English Advanced

62% : 93%

English St

15% : 30%


64% : 100%


43% : 83%


57% : 80%


86% : 100%


51% : 67%

Modern History

41% : 93%

Music 1

64% : 100%

Music 2

91% : 100%


33% : 70%


33% : 60%

Visual Arts

53% : 96%

Selected for ARTEXPRESS

Camilla Bell’s HSC Body of Work was selected for exhibition in next year’s ARTEXPRESS. Camilla’s work Natural Selection, will be displayed in NSW regional galleries. This is a wonderful achievement for Camilla and her Visual Arts teachers. 

Selected for ARTEXPRESS

Sophie-Charlotte Busch’s HSC Body of Work was also selected for exhibition in next year’s ARTEXPRESS. Sophie-Charlotte’s work Animals After All , will too be displayed in NSW regional galleries. This is a great accomplishment for Sophie-Charlotte and her Visual Arts teachers. 

Nominated for OnSTAGE

In Drama Individual Performance, four students were nominated for inclusion for OnSTAGE performances. These girls are Estelle Catelan, Remember; Ashley Kind, Baby with the Bathwater; Nastassia Nickolas, After Dinner and Daisy Semmler, Holy Day.

Nominated for OnSTAGE

The Drama Group Performance, D.O.A, was nominated for inclusion in OnSTAGE. The members of this group are Paris Adgemis, Nastassia Nickolas, Molly Rex and Niamh Todd.

Nominated for Encore

Annie Feng’s Music Extension Musicology essay will be included on the Encore honour roll. In addition, Isabella Wilson received an Encore nomination for Music Performance. This is a fantastic achievement for these girls and their teachers.

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