Shantelle Looks Beyond Space

Since leaving Ascham in 2015, Shantelle Maree has achieved her dream of starting BeyondSpace Studio, her own business specialising in interior architecture, and is currently working towards becoming a registered architect.

With a love of English and Visual Arts in her final years of School, Shantelle knew she was drawn to pursuing a career in the field of design but was unsure of the particular design aspect that best suited her. She initially enrolled in a double degree of Arts and Business but found that it did not fulfil her desire to deeply explore artistic opportunities and creative projects. This led her to consider interior design, which has since become her biggest passion.

Earlier this year, Shantelle completed her Bachelor of Interior Architecture at UNSW and has now gone on to study a Bachelor of Architecture, in preparation for finally graduating with a Masters. She reflects on her degree as ‘incredibly challenging at times but even more rewarding,’ and is grateful to ‘always be pushed to think critically, building upon such essential skills that were nurtured at Ascham’.

From the earliest years of childhood, Shantelle remembers visiting sites with her grandfather and uncle, who both worked in construction. To watch ‘the process of creating something from nothing, something from an initial idea’ at such a young age was eye-opening. These experiences encouraged her to find the value in the process itself, not solely in the outcome, and this outlook has powerfully shaped her architectural approach today.

What Shantelle loves most about interior architecture is the way in which she can creatively transform conceptual ideas into tangible, functional spaces. Communicating with clients, understanding their needs and wants, and collaboratively drafting ideas is a phase that she especially enjoys in the process. As for sources of inspiration, Shantelle does not only admire the works of other architects but is also greatly inspired ‘every time she enters a space.’ What she calls ‘a blessing and a curse’ is that being an interior architect often means being aware of every detail in day-to-day spaces, whether they be cafés, galleries, or stores. For Shantelle, the experience of physically inhabiting a space gives rise to many new ideas that she is excited to develop in the future.

Amidst the pressures of COVID-19 and working on her year-long graduation project—the conversion of an old power station into a holistic workplace and community centre—Shantelle established BeyondSpace Studio late last year. She is focused on growing her business to work on public spaces and commercial projects, in addition to the residential projects that are currently in the works. From urban to regional landscapes, Shantelle plans on designing across and beyond Australia.

Shantelle’s interior architecture practice is grounded in innovation, with a focus around blending the forces of both traditional and contemporary design.

‘Architecture is not simply adapting to the times but rather, shaping the spaces of the future’.

Pictured left: Shantelle Maree 

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