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Kyra Thomas (Ascham Old Girl 2002) established her architectural firm in 2016 and was recently shortlisted for the 2021 NSW Institute of Architects residential awards and the 2021 Australian Interior Design Awards. She identifies with the concept of textured minimalism and is a high-end residential specialist.

The daughter of Old Girl, Annalise Thomas (Fairfax 1968), Kyra was born in Sydney and is one of four sisters who attended Ascham. She says she has always been tuned into space and it was evident in her love of visiting other people’s homes as a little girl. She even used to draw floor plans for her toys!

When Kyra was 10 years old her family home was renovated by architect Angela Kent, also an Ascham Old Girl from the Class of 1978. Kyra says, ‘This experience inspired me as I felt the direct benefits of creating beautiful, functional family spaces.’ Angela has since become a great inspiration and mentor for Kyra, providing her with her first summer internship. Kyra hopes the new Ascham internship program will make it easier to foster these relationships in the future.

One of Kyra’s favourite visual memories of Ascham is the terracotta pavers below the fig tree that ‘were all knobbly and seemed to follow the roots of the tree.’ She also loved looking down at the top of the jacaranda trees from the higher classrooms.

After graduating with honours from Sydney University, Kyra completed her Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University in NYC. She says her favourite spaces in New York are The Morgan Library, The Guggenheim Museum, The Avery Library at Columbia University and the old Whitney designed by Marcel Breuer. She loves the dynamic streets, buildings and alleys of New York and the intense contrast of cultural identity across its different neighbourhoods.

Kyra finds inspiration in the architecture of Vincent Van Duysen and John Pawson. Her love of spatial and immersive artists can be appreciated through the works of James Turrell, Richard Serra and Robert Irwin. She is particularly enamoured with the residential spaces of Brazilian architects Marcio Kogan and Isay Weinfeld and the way in which their architecture seamlessly connects interior and exterior spaces.

Kyra observed from her time in New York that the climate of Sydney is ‘incredibly unique in that it allows us to live intrinsically connected to our environment and landscape.’ Designing architecture around orientation, landscape and light is central to her architectural practice. Her concept of textured minimalism comes from her combining minimal, light-filled spaces with the texture and colour of natural materials. The resulting spaces are peaceful and calm, tactile and comforting—the essence of what a home should be.

The art of living continues to inspire Kyra and her beautiful body of works reflects that.

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Pictured left: Kyra and her family

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