Triple J Unearthed

When our e-Learning Facilitator and Music Teacher Mr Nicholas Schneider sent an invitation to Senior School students about the Triple J Unearthed High Competition we didn’t know that three would end up on the Triple J website!

Mr Schneider asked our students who were interested in songwriting to register for the annual comp.

Phoebe Steley and Olivia Dight in Year 9, and Scarlett Banks in Year 11, developed their songwriting and music production skills by entering an original song.

The competition is where technology, songwriting, and music performance combine. Students must write, perform, edit and produce their recording.

We are excited to provide links to the students’ songs below, on the Triple J Unearthed website. And we warmly congratulate our students on their outstanding efforts.

Cluttered by Phoebe Steley

Roses by Olivia Dight

Scissors by Scarlett Banks


Pictured: Scarlett Banks

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