The Remote Classroom

Ms Peta Howley, Deputy Head of Junior School (and currently Acting Head), reflects on the start of a very different Term 3 this year—one of remote learning for all our students.

‘A classroom is much more than a physical site. A classroom is created by dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students and a shared love of learning. This has definitely been evident this week as teachers and students reunite virtually, embarking on their Term 3 learning journey together.

It has been apparent that much has been learned by those who engaged in remote learning last year with the specific knowledge and skills previously acquired ensuring a positive start to the term.

Balancing the academic and socio-emotional needs of the girls, teachers are working diligently to develop creative ways to engage, extend and support each girl. Each day teachers have enjoyed sharing their experiences with one another, proudly noting the girls’ engagement and commitment to their learning.

The girls are to be congratulated on the way they have commenced this period of remote learning, as they continue to practise responsibility, independence, collaboration and reflection remotely.’

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