National Boarding Week 2021

We recently celebrated National Boarding Week here at Ascham. Our Head of Boarding Mrs Allysia Heness-Pugh reports on just how much fun the boarders and their day girl friends had here at School.

‘It really was a delightful week of celebrating all things Boarding at Ascham.

We held a variety of outstanding activities, bringing both boarders and day girls together, with a few particular highlights to mention.

Our student Co-Heads of Boarding and the Boarding Committee ran assembly one day, giving everyone a glimpse into the life of a boarder. A particularly challenging quiz asked the audience to identify the specific breed of cow and type of grass! While the results were hilarious, it sheds light on the differences between boarding and day girls as well as the wealth of knowledge that boarders from regional areas have.

We have a special connection with a boarding school in Uganda (School for Life), and during the week we held a live stream with their boarders as they taught us how to weave baskets. Earlier in the year we had joined together to learn a traditional dance from their area and, in exchange, our boarders taught them how to do the Nutbush. Technology is amazing and the delight in joining with others across the world is unmeasurable!

To raise funds for the School for Life, and also the menstrual health charity Days for Girls (which some boarders and day girls volunteer for every week) the students held a Bake Sale on Thursday afternoon. The Boarding Houses cooked up a storm in the preceding nights and we ended up raising $500 for the two causes. A great effort!

Just one last highlight to mention is the inaugural boarder vs day girl relay, ‘Day in the Life of a Boarder’. The girls had to race to make the perfect bed complete with sheets and blanket, fold and sort laundry, shine shoes, do up a tie and make Milo! The boarders pipped the day girls to the post (but only just!). I hope this event can be cemented as the cornerstone of our annual week of celebrations as it was enormous fun.’

Watch our National Boarding Week video:

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