Bodalla Dairy’s Delights

Jane Stuart (McCuaig 1992) has brought her family’s South Coast business, Bodalla Dairy, to Queen Street, Woollahra, with the opening of Bodalla Dairy Ice Cream Shop. Since opening in late April, the luscious and uniquely flavoured ice cream has been flying out the door, holding its own on a street known for its gourmet food providores.

Jane says, ‘I didn’t expect it would be such a hub! I always wanted it to be somewhere where people could sit and eat their ice cream but it has exceeded expectations. People are really using it as somewhere to go and hang out and connect—we have grandmothers bringing grandchildren, parents bringing their kids after dinner, local school kids stopping by on the way home from school. One elderly lady regularly arrives just before closing at 6.30pm, orders her three scoops of Nutella ice cream and we drive her back to her nursing home afterwards.’

The creative and deliciously balanced flavours on offer reflect both traditional ice cream flavours and natural Australian influences. Kakadu Plum and Rum won gold at the Sydney Royal Dairy Show, with its unique flavouring based on the small sweet and sour fruit from Kakadu and a tiny amount of rum. Go Wild consists of citrus-tasting Queensland lemon myrtle, fresh Bodalla yoghurt and local ironbark honey. Let’s Go Camping has a smokey flavour combined with a butterscotch sauce and a macadamia praline. Let’s Go Diving tastes of local Narooma kelp and green tea. Other flavours are Berry Sorbet, coffee and wattleseed, Desert Lime Sorbet, Hot Chocolate, Strawberry, Rainbow, Milk and Honey, Nutella and Peanut Butter. Yum!

Jane says, ‘The shop was always intended to be a portal to somewhere else, taking people on an adventure and giving them an experience of the outdoors, of farm-fresh food and of a wonderfully Australian food adventure’ and this unique approach seems to be hitting the mark. Her initial plans included a delivery of fresh ice cream once a month but demand has been so high that deliveries have been once every 10 days.

The secret to Bodalla’s ice cream is not just in the flavours but also the milk which comes from its incredibly lush dairy farming region five hours south of Sydney which has been the premium dairy country in Australia since the 1860s. The McCuaig family, who have been at Bodalla since 1989, bottle milk and make cheese, yoghurt and ice cream on their farm.

The Bodalla Dairy business is not only about ice cream though. At the Bodalla Dairy Shed there is a farm-stay, milk bar and coffee shop. Visitors can watch cheese and ice cream being made and milk being bottled. It’s a worthwhile stop for anyone travelling down the coast. Bodalla cheese is a cheddar that is infused with a range of native flavours and is sold in Harris Farm. Perhaps most importantly the business is 100% family owned and operated with every family member involved—even the grandchildren! So next time you are near Woollahra—or Bodalla!—stop in, buy an ice cream and say hi!

Images left to right: The Bodalla Dairy Shed and Bodalla Cheddar 


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