Life Beyond the Ascham Gate

Life outside the School gates is both exciting and daunting for any school leaver. By participating in Ascham’s Year 10 Work Experience program and Year 11 Careers Mentor Lecture Series, Ascham Old Girls have been helping Ascham students to make informed and confident decisions as they prepare to move forward into the next stage of their lives.

Careers Mentor Lecture Series
One of the easiest ways young Old Girls can give back to Ascham is to offer an hour of their time on a Thursday to talk about their career to date to Year 11 girls. Ascham’s Careers Mentor Lecture series consists of weekly sessions where speakers share their career journey, either in person at Ascham or via Zoom.

Ascham’s Careers Adviser Gillian Sloan says, ‘The Careers Mentor Lecture series gives Year 11 girls valuable insight into the first 10 to 15 years of life after School. Old Girls candidly share their experiences, exposing girls to a range of careers and pathways, highs and lows. These days it’s normal to start your tertiary degree, take a year off, and change jobs or careers several times over before the age of 30. This should not be seen as failure—every change is an opportunity to adjust one’s course. Old Girls sharing these ups and downs with our girls can be incredibly insightful and helpful.’

Experience has shown that Ascham’s girls are most receptive to talks from our younger Old Girls under the age of 30. While they may not see themselves as established in their careers, they are able share insights and experiences that the girls can more easily relate to. Deciding which course to study, and how to get an internship or first foot in the door are just some of the topics discussed. Ascham is seeking Old Girls who are aged 30 and under to participate in the Careers Mentor Lecture series in 2021. If you are interested in sharing your experiences with Ascham girls please contact Skye Barry at

Work Experience
Undoubtedly many an Old Girl will remember participating in their own work experience while they were at school. For over 30 years work experience has been an integral part of the formal Careers program at Ascham, helping to expose girls to a formal workplace, potentially helping them to determine which direction they might take following school.

Ascham’s compulsory work experience program is completed by Year 10 girls in late November early December every year. Each girl is responsible for securing her own work placement by identifying a workplace of interest and applying job-seeking skills to secure it. The program aims to develop the girls’ interests, research and decision-making skills as well as provide them with an introduction to the ‘world of work’. Years 11 and 12 girls are encouraged and supported to explore further work experience opportunities, however this commitment must be fulfilled during their own school holidays.

While the work experience program was unable to go ahead in 2020, in recent years members of the Ascham community have offered valuable work experience opportunities to Ascham students. Offering or agreeing to take a Year 10, 11 or 12 Ascham girl for work experience from one to five days is an invaluable way to give back to the Ascham community. If your workplace is interested in participating, please contact


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