Full STEAM ahead!

At Ascham, STEAM is an important focus for our girls from the earliest years through into high school. It fosters 21st-century learning capabilities, preparing the girls for their futures.

A STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) education provides hands-on and creative activities to the girls’ learning in class and during lunchtime clubs.

As we power into an amazing year, the STEAM clubs are well underway in Hillingdon (Prep to Year 2). Students in Year 1 Engineering Girls and Year 2 Sparks are thoroughly enjoying their co-curricular clubs and fun learning activities.

Year 1 Engineering Girls have taken on the challenge of building tall structures with limited resources. Students explored how the different properties of materials impacts on the design and structural support of their towers. They came up with some creative designs as they collaborated in small groups.

Year 2 Sparks have investigated the role of electricity and circuits. Students used the parts of the ‘littleBits’ tool to develop their understanding of how the flow of electrical power travels through a system. They had the challenge of creating different products with their littleBits pieces, such as a morning alarm, light meter and car motor.

It’s full STEAM ahead to more great learning challenges throughout 2021!

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