The valiance of Year 7

Year 7 have had quite a different first year of high school in 2020! After adapting not only to the Senior School and the Dalton Plan, they then needed to embrace remote learning halfway through Term 1 for several weeks (and our boarders needed to head back home too). Soon into Term 2, things settled down as we all returned to Ascham but it was still a year where a lot of adjustments had to be made and COVID restrictions meant a very unusual year for these young women beginning their high school journey.

So finally, this term they got to really let their hair down and have a very well-deserved adventure at Year 7 Camp!

Last week, over 100 excited girls and accompanying staff headed off to Galston Gorge even though the temperature was 13 degrees and heavy rain was falling. The girls pitched their tents and dived straight into planned activities: canoeing, high ropes, games and the flying fox. Spirits were high as some had never slept in a tent before, cooked dinner on a camp stove, tried the high ropes or slid down a very long, steep flying fox.

Outdoor Education plays a vital role in the development of each Ascham student. We aim to provide students with opportunities to extend themselves in unfamiliar environments and challenge previously held notions of self and others. They engage in activities that require determination, physical effort, perseverance, problem-solving and cooperation. The girls also have the chance to interact with students other than those in their friendship groups. Camps help girls manage their fears and anxieties and they play a major part of our whole-School wellbeing programs.

Our Outdoor Education program is underpinned by Ascham’s strategic intent to develop the unique qualities of each girl, with a focus on the whole person, including the ‘inner girl’. We prepare girls to become independent, reflective and confident learners, flexible and creative thinkers, resilient, courageous, well-balanced, happy and healthy individuals. We foster truly responsible and compassionate global citizens who embrace diversity.

By all accounts, the girls had a magnificent time at Year 7 Camp—a wonderful way to top off a first year of high school that won’t be forgotten!

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