AHIGS Festival of Speech success!

On Saturday 24 October, Ascham girls met their Speech and Drama teachers at school to participate in the virtual AHIGS Festival of Speech. AHIGS is the Association of Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools.

Prior to this online festival, the girls had to submit a video of their performances for different sections. From the recordings from girls all over NSW, 10 finalists were selected to take part in the virtual event. Our competitors in the finals were:

Senior Poetry (India Greenaway)
Junior Poetry (Jessica Gilmartin)
Junior Public Speaking (Olivia Cook)
Junior Readings (Zoe Jameson)
Senior Readings (Alene Chen)
Religious and Ethical Questions (Ava Commander, Zoe Freedman and Margot Harris).

At the virtual event, the participants had to repeat their prepared performance piece and also compete in an impromptu performance. The top five places were announced. Excitingly, Ascham achieved a number of places.

1st Place Junior Poetry – Jessica Gilmartin
2nd Place Junior Readings – Zoe Jameson
2nd Place Religious and Ethical Questions – Ava Commander, Zoe Freedman and Margot Harris
4th Place Senior Readings – Alene Chen

The final festival results saw Ascham placing 3rd overall and 2nd for the Junior Award.

Our Ascham girls competed with poise and finesse. Moreover, they had a wonderful time. Congratulations to our Speech and Drama students and teachers on their incredible results.

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