A riot of colour for Book Week

Although Book Week has been officially moved to October this year, our Senior School kept it in August as usual, so it didn’t clash with exams next term. And what a fun Book Week we had!

It began with The Body in the Library – a murder mystery where students were asked to solve terrible crime that had been committed. The girls were given an evidence pack that included photographs, fingerprints, DNA samples and statements by suspects who were either staff or students. They were also able to inspect the crime scene in the library. Students submitted an Arrest Warrant in which they outlined reasons for accusing one of the suspects. There were some very interesting and creative submissions from over 70 students and staff!

On Friday, the library was a laptop-free space and the Senior School girls were given the opportunity to spend time quietly reading. Many of the students took up this opportunity and really enjoyed this special book-filled time. The Parade of Literary Characters was also held that day. The excited buzz was palpable in the Senior School all morning as students arrived in their various costumes. At lunchtime, students and staff assembled in the Margaret Bailey gardens and watched the character parade. From Bible stories and The Crucible, to Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Rainbow Fish, The Babysitters Club, Willy Wonka, Shakespeare and many other books, the range of characters was truly amazing!

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