Prep magic!

We always knew that our Prep School was a magical place in which to learn and thrive but one day recently the evidence was clear!

The girls and staff came dressed and bedazzled in a range of exciting fantasy costumes, with smiles that would light up any place. Our learning space was transformed into a magical fantasy land, complete with wonderful imaginative activities, including:

  • painting using special fluorescent paints and glitter, based on the imaginative book, I Am Written by Kate Forsyth and Rosalie Street
  • Mr Squiggles drawing activity related to the book, That’s Not A Squiggle To Me! by Kate Ritchie
  • making real fairy bread (and eating it!)
  • creative play in the Fairy Room
  • building and construction activities (making castles for fairies and princesses)
  • fantasy puppet shows… and many more!


The girls were excited to have special visitors including our Head of School Mr Powell, Deputy Head of Junior School Ms Howley, and our P-2 Coordinator Miss Cummins, at various times throughout the morning. They also had the opportunity to parade their costumes to other Hillingdon students and staff during assembly, via Microsoft Teams. It was a wonderful day of learning for all in Prep.

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