A Piece of Home

Ascham boarders have truly shown their resilience this year. Shortly into Term 1, they needed to return home for several weeks of remote learning, before a staggered return back to school in the early part of Term 2. As well as changed boarding conditions, they were required to comply with movement restrictions and spend many weekends in the Boarding Houses. They became creative and formed many close bonds with their fellow boarders , laying the foundations of life-long friendships during a year to remember.

At the end of Term 2, all of our boarders on campus received a clear tube at their respective Wellbeing Meetings, for a special activity titled ‘A Piece of Home’. The girls were curious and intrigued, eager to hear what this was all about. They were asked to add pieces of their home over the break and bring the tubes back to school to create an artwork next term. They need to start with soil or sand as the base (depending where home is), followed by plants, leaves or something they may grow on their farm (if they are from the country), and to finish with an item that reminds them of home. All of the items brought back will form part of a bigger creative project in Term 3.

We can’t wait to see what is produced as the boarders’ Piece of Home!


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