Happy to be back at School

After several weeks of remote learning, our classrooms and playgrounds have filled with the energy and laughter of Ascham girls from Prep to Year 12 once again. We are so enjoying having our students back on campus. Girls have shared stories of their remote learning experience and seamlessly returned to School routines.

Ascham girls displayed our School values of courage and resilience while continuing their learning at home. Our staff worked tirelessly to ensure our girls’ education continued strongly, and they are happy to now be back face-to-face with the girls in the classroom once again.

The image above shows Year 12 girls at the front gate warmly welcoming Years 7 and 11 students back on the day those Year groups returned to School.

Here are some of the comments from our students, including boarders, about being back after their period of remote learning:

‘What I think is great about being back at School is that you get to see your friends, collaborate in group activities and not spend so much time on a screen!’

‘Eating with our Year group is really nice.’

‘Getting to go back to school and feeling the rush of everyone is amazing! The School has done a very good job with the safety precautions.’

‘I think that getting back to School is awesome because we have lovely teachers and I am very lucky to be here.’

‘We were elated to see our friends after a long period of social isolation. The teachers greeted us blissfully as they were thrilled to see us in person again.’

‘The moment I got back to School and lessons, I felt reassured that life would be back to normal soon. The teachers have been an enormous help.’

‘Personally, returning to School has been the best thing! I am not distracted by my siblings and I can spend time with my friends.’

‘I’ve lost my voice multiple times from laughing!’

Welcome back, girls!

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