Wellbeing Prefects create positivity and happiness

Our Year 6 Wellbeing Prefects started the year with much excitement and enthusiasm. The girls were well prepared with initiatives that they had devised to foster a happy and positive atmosphere where each girl feels seen and recognised for her strengths.

This term Audrey implemented her initiative called ‘3 Step Morning Prep’, involving stretches, meditation and comedy. The first session was a huge success. Bellamy and Veronique ran the stretching/yoga session, reporting that the younger girls enjoyed the challenges.

Bellamy and Willa have created a joke box which sits outside the Fiona Hall (Years 3 to 6). All girls have been encouraged to put in their best jokes into the joke box so that they can be shared at Monday morning assemblies.

As a team, the Wellbeing Prefects developed an initiative called ‘strength pegs’. They industriously decorated hundreds of wooden pegs with Ascham values and signature strengths. They distributed the pegs to every staff member in Fiona who have been busily strength and value spotting. The winning class for each week has the honour of having the wellbeing mascot, Mr Wellie, join their class for the week.

Our Year 6 Wellbeing Prefects have demonstrated outstanding commitment and organisation when developing and carrying out their initiatives. They have also displayed flexibility in the last couple of weeks, managing to think of new ways to continue with their wellbeing plan when faced with the challenges presented by COVID-19. They have shared jokes and presented Mr Wellie via video in the new assembly format. The girls are working on a 3 Step Morning Prep video to share with the girls.

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