International Women’s Day

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day at Ascham, and Year 12 girls on our School Committee have the privilege of attending the annual UN Women Australia International Women’s Day Breakfast.

This year, students Marie-Claire Stevens and Ellen Regan attended with their peers and reported back on their inspiring morning.

‘We were fortunate enough to attend the breakfast with Mr Powell (Ascham Head of School) and Mrs Drever (Ascham Deputy Head). There were over 1,500 people in the room to listen to inspirational women share their stories and their organisations to help improve generational equality.

500 million women around the world are illiterate due to an incomplete education. This can be due to a number of reasons… a young girl might have to take care of her family, work for the family business, be married at a young age or be removed from her school simply because the school does not have toilets to support her sanitary needs.

Organisations including Second Chance Education, Sisterworks and Real Futures promote the opportunity for women to complete an education from any age to make their mark in the world.

It was interesting to learn that:

  • Educated mothers are twice as likely to school their children.
  • Educated women have greater decision-making power for themselves and their communities.
  • Every year of education increases a woman’s wage by 20%.
  • Children of educated women are 50% more likely to survive childhood.

Being able to listen to exceptional women talk about their mark in improving lives for all women, actually made us realise how unaware we were of the inequality for women.’


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