Our new building gives us a heart spark!

It’s a new year and we have a brand new teaching and learning space at Ascham.

The new Margaret Bailey Building has brought much excitement and joy to staff and students across the campus. We said goodbye to the old Margaret Bailey Building (a block of English classrooms) in September 2018 and for the last 17 months a total rebuild has been underway.

Named after pioneering Ascham Headmistress, Miss Bailey, who led the school from 1914 until 1946, the new building is a 21st century learning space that houses new classrooms, relaxing break-out spaces and a refurbished Senior School Library. Mrs Rowena Danziger, Ascham Headmistress 1973 to 2003, is also honoured by way of a large clock that features prominently on the building’s facade.

This new, larger building also means we’ve been able to co-locate all our subject areas, teachers and classrooms, which in turn unlocks the campus even further—giving us greater flexibility as we move into the new decade.

It’s a great start to 2020!

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