Zero tolerance of cyberbullying

We are very excited to be partnering with REELise Inc., a registered charity formed to empower young people to create a positive digital future. REELise has created a cyberbullying program that delivers a series of microlessons to user devices anytime, anywhere.

Ascham Old Girl and REELise Youth Council member Remy Andrews (Class of 2017) returned to school on Tuesday to launch REElise’s exciting new microlearning program to educate students about cyberbullying. Using the EdApp platform, this learning management system uses gamification and peer contribution to educate students about cyberbullying and drive positive action to stop it.

The courses, which include video and narrative from young people who have experienced bullying, comprise:

* what cyberbullying is and why people bully others
* the impacts of cyberbullying on those involved
* the role of bystanders and upstanders in bullying
* practical steps you can take to minimise your risk of being cyberbullied
* an action plan for those that are bullied.

The course also looks at the anti-bullying framework within Ascham School and covers:

* Ascham’s values
* the rights and responsibilities of students and staff
* policies and procedures to address bullying and ensure a safe and supportive environment for students.

We are excited to be launching this innovative student cyberbullying program at Ascham and trust it will provide a valuable learning tool.

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