Girls Who Code Club

While you might jump to conclusions and think this is a Senior School coding or Mathematics club, you would be mistaken. In Term 3, Year 4 Ascham students were transported to the land of GrokLearning where they competed in the 2019 NCSS Challenge.

Each week the Girls Who Code Club members have enthusiastically extended their thinking as they have learnt a text-based coding language. Using the programming language Python, the girls have worked individually and collaboratively to solve various coding challenges. They have written programs to solve mathematical problems, type back verse lyrics, draw pictures with angles, calculate road trip distances and repeat poetic stanzas! Through these processes they have developed their computational thinking skills, learning fundamental coding concepts such as algorithms, sequence, looping, branching, functions and variables.

‘Clickety-clack!’ The pitter-patter of mechanical rain has echoed out of the Wallis building as the Girls Who Code Club furiously worked to debug their SyntaxError.

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