Father’s Day—a day to celebrate and give

Father’s Day is always warmly celebrated at Ascham. We welcome fathers, grandfathers and other significant men in the lives of our girls to come and celebrate this special time of year with us.

Kindergarten girls put on a special breakfast for their dads, and the whole of Hillingdon (Prep to Year 2) had a fantastic Father’s Day Stall that raised money for the George Gregan Foundation.

On Friday 30 August, Kindergarten students were seen leading their special guests eagerly into the Louise Robert-Smith Hall. After locating their table numbers with expert precision, fathers, daughters and special guests were treated to a delicious breakfast while the girls proudly presented them with a personalised placemat and a handmade tie. After a hearty breakfast, the students stood up and performed a special song. Their rendition of ‘I’m the Only Me’ caused more than a few teary moments in the adoring audience! Finally, the girls had the opportunity to show their guests around their classrooms before giving them a big hug and sending them off to work.

Ascham girls and families were extremely happy to support the George Gregan Foundation this year by buying gifts from our Father’s Day Stall and making donations. The Foundation was established by George and his wife Ericka in 2005 after their son was diagnosed with epilepsy. To enable families to spend some time away from hospital wards, money is raised through various events to not only build playgrounds in hospitals, but to train doctors to treat patients with epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

The George Gregan Foundation playgrounds are unlike any others in Australia. The design and construction of the tactile, interactive playgrounds is the result of significant specialised input from architects, children’s therapists, educators, doctors and patients.

Happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere. We look forward to many more days of celebrating our fathers at Ascham.

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