IPSHA Social Action Expo

On 7 August, nine Ascham girls headed out to The King’s School in Parramatta for the Biennial IPSHA Social Action Expo.

The Expo was a day of collaboration and sharing and provided the girls with many opportunities to develop relationships with students and teachers from other IPSHA schools. The girls represented themselves and Ascham beautifully, demonstrating each of our School values with pride. Here are just some of their experiences:

‘Honestly, it was such a fun day! I made many new friends from different schools and I learnt so many new things about philanthropy. Everyone there was so enthusiastic about giving and really cared about our campaign. I thought the Fly High Billie campaign was a really thoughtful and beautiful charity that was inspired by a young girl named Billie Kinder who passed away doing something she loved. She had the gift of kindness and her mother, Danny, created the charity and BKinder Day to celebrate Billie’s kindness and supports other charities she knew Billie would love. I learnt that anyone, anywhere, can make a difference.’
Mia Murray

‘I really enjoyed going to the Social Action Expo as it provided me with many opportunities to listen to inspirational speeches. I loved spreading awareness of our charity and explaining what we do to support Gunbalanya School. It was great to be put on the spot when I was asked questions such as “What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a charity?” and “How did you come up with the idea of your charity?”‘
Zara Dempsey

‘My favourite part of the Expo was being able to see what other people are doing to help others. As Fiona Higgins, a presenter from Australian Philanthropic Services, said, “If we all do our small part, it will make a big difference.” This made me think that we can all be philanthropists and I want to be one.’
Annabelle Knox

‘I really enjoyed the questions in the Philanthropy Quiz at the start of the day. Did you know that despite having less to give, Indonesians are more philanthropic than the Swiss?’
Isobel Glen

‘My experience at the Social Action Expo was amazing! I was so interested in all of the stalls. It was enjoyable to see all the schools share their stories of how they are supporting kids in poverty or different needs all around the world. My favourite bit was seeing the MONDO recycling stall. I was excited by the wonderful reusing and recycling they do, such as reusing old clothing or recycling it to turn into paper, which is much better for the environment.’
Camille Brownjohn

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