Eton Choral Course

Every year, two or three Ascham girls are lucky enough to attend the Eton Choral course in the UK. This year, Year 11 students Ruby Alexander and Gretel Power spent the week in Eton’s hallowed halls, getting a taste of one of the world’s great choirs. Ruby reports:

‘Over the recent holiday break, Gretel and I took part in an eight-day choral course at Eton College. It was a week full of highlights, including singing in beautiful, historic spaces like St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle and St John’s in Cambridge University.

Upon arrival, a very busy schedule of choir and consort rehearsals, masterclasses and other musical activities began. It was, however, not only the music that made the course so wonderful. Being surrounded by and sharing music with other passionate musicians our age was incredibly inspiring, and Gretel and I both feel so grateful to have had this unforgettable experience.’

Thank you Ruby and Gretel for representing Ascham so beautifully.

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