Renewables deal sets a course for our future

We’re very proud to announce our new energy agreement that will see Ascham sourcing 90% of our power from renewable energy sources over the next decade.

We have become the first school in New South Wales, and one of the first in Australia, to sign onto a Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with energy retailer Flow Power. The deal will bring us closer to meeting our ambitious sustainability targets and securing a low carbon future for our students, as we draw on power generated by a solar farm and a wind farm in regional NSW.

The environmental, economic and social benefits of such a move are extensive. In addition, data recorders on the solar and wind farms, which record data down to the second, will give us real-time stats about our energy usage that not only allow us to understand exactly how and when we use our power, but also provide us with a fantastic teaching aid to use across many subject areas.

Ascham’s Business Manager Candice Heapes said, ‘Late last year we felt pressured by another provider into accepting significantly higher energy retail prices when our three-year agreement with them ended. This, along with our growing focus on sustainability as part of our strategic plan, spurred us on to look at alternative options and sources of energy. At Ascham, the whole school is committed to sustainable actions, so drawing energy from wind and solar farms is a terrific step in greening our future.’

Matthew van der Linden, CEO of Flow Power, commented, ‘We’re thrilled to welcome Ascham School as a customer and applaud their leadership in taking on an agreement of this kind. The education sector is uniquely placed to benefit from Corporate Renewable PPAs, due to the longevity of its schools and of the PPAs themselves. We look forward to collaborating with Ascham School throughout the duration of this agreement to deliver an energy solution that evolves to fit the school’s needs.’

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