Vietnam Service Learning Trip

In December last year, 25 students and four staff from Ascham travelled to Vietnam to complete a humanitarian project in Pung Village, in the region of Mai Chau. They assisted local tradesmen in the construction of a kitchen and a toilet for a family in need. The girls tackled many building jobs including bricklaying, rendering, cement-making and transporting bricks, sand and bamboo.

Students Jess Feilen, Skye Milson and Lucy Marinelli report on their incredible trip and how it embodied all of our Ascham values.

‘The project was challenging, but extremely rewarding. It taught us to appreciate our lives and our homes, and we were able to return to Sydney with a fresh perspective on life globally. Furthermore, it taught us the importance of the School values.

Respect and Kindness: While staying in Pung Village, we observed the local customs and traditions. We befriended village residents and greeted everyone with a friendly ‘xin chào’.

Community and Collaboration: We relied heavily on teamwork to complete the project, working with each other, the tradesmen and our guides. We rotated through different tasks and shared leadership roles.

Courage and Resilience: We worked in difficult weather conditions and lived in an environment that was different to our homes.

Acceptance and Responsibility: We shared culture through activities, games, songs and language. During debriefs, we discussed the things we learned that we would take back to Australia with us.

Ambition: We set ambitious goals each day we worked, to test our abilities and prove we could accomplish what we set out to do.

After departing Pung Village, we set out to explore several areas of Vietnam. In Hanoi we learnt about Vietnam’s rich history and enjoyed the local cuisine. We then travelled to Ha Long Bay and took in the tranquil scenery from a traditional junk boat. Our last stop was the port city of Hoi An, on the central coast of Vietnam. In Hoi An, we learnt about the many cultural influences that have shaped modern Vietnam, including the Japanese and the French. Touring these cities allowed us to further understand the landscape of Vietnam and added to our cultural immersion in Vietnam.’

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