Year 4 learns about life on the land

In Science this term, Year 4 is investigating aspects of the living world and how food and fibre is produced from living things. To support their learning, Daniel and Justine Harris, farmers from north-west New South Wales, visited Ascham to speak about food and fibre production and the agricultural processes involved in growing plants and raising animals.

Students learnt about mustering, sheering, wool classing and harvesting processes, as well as the advancing technology used in the agricultural industry. They were able to feel different types of plant and animal fibres including merino and alpaca wool, silk, cotton, bamboo and ramie. They were also given some cotton seeds to take home to plant.

In the coming weeks, students will draw upon what they have learned to design and produce a product or system to support the growth of a plant and/or animal.

We’re grateful to Daniel and Justine and also for the opportunity to teach our girls about life on the land.

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